“Savage/Love” by Sam Shepard and Joseph Chaikin

First Moment

The first moment
I saw you in the Post Office
You saw me
And I didn’t know.

The first moment
I saw you
I knew I could love you
If you could love me

You had sort of a flavor
The way you looked
And you looked at me
And I didn’t know if you saw me
And there wasn’t any question to ask

I was standing with some papers
I started shuffling the papers
But I didn’t know what order to put them in

But I figured I wanted to do it in such a way
That it looked like I had some purpose

But I really just wanted to look at your eyes all the time

And you said
Look at me with your eyes
Look at me with your eyes

In that first moment
Your face burned into my dream
And right away I had this feeling
Maybe you’re lost
Until now

Maybe I’m lost
Until now

And I thought
Maybe I’m just making this up

But your eyes
Looked like they were saying
Look at me more

I would shuffle the papers
Look at you
My breathing changed

Then I felt something dissolve
I felt there might be a danger
That anything could happen in the next moment
Maybe you would turn away from me

Or you could say
Let’s go together

Listening Faces

When we sat across from each other
In the place where we met
You talked about your days by the waterface listensYou talked about yourself as a childface listensWhen we were lying next to each other
You told me your fear of the night
Of every nightface listensYou imagined moving to your ideal countryface listensYou told me secrets about people in your life
Strangersface listensYou showed me their picturesfaceYou played me your favorite music
I couldn’t hear the music in it

Tangled Up

When we’re tangled up in love
Is it me you’re whispering to
Or some other

When we’re tangled up in sleep
It is my leg you feel your legs against
Or is it Paul Newman’s leg

When I move my eyes like this
Is it causing you to think of Marlon Brando

When we’re tangled up in meeting other people
Is it me you’re introducing
Or is it Warren Beatty

When I stand with my body facing in one direction
And my head in the other
Do you think of Mick Jagger

If you could only give me a few clues
I could invent the one you’d have me be

Babble (I)

I wanna’ show
Some thing
That uh
Something tender
Comes from you
I Can’t
My words
I wanna’
Bring something out
It doesn’t fit this time

Terms of Endearment

What can I call you
Can I call you “Honey”
Or “Sweetie Pie”

Can I call you “My Treasure”
Or “Precious One”

Or can I call you “Babe”
Or maybe I could call you “Darling”
Can I call you “Darling”

I heard someone else call someone “Angel” once
Can I try “Angel”

Can I call you “Sweetheart”
Or “Sugar”

Or maybe I could call you “Love”
Just “Love”


It was in one moment
When we looked
When we saw each other
That I killed you

I saw you lying there

You didn’t know
I didn’t say I saw you dead

I saw you thinking of something else
You couldn’t see
The thing I’d done to you

How I Look to You

When I sit like this
Do you see me brave

Do I make a mystery to you
When I put on a gaze

When I stretch my arms like this
Do you see me sensual

When I look releaxed
Do you believe me

When I’m acting interested in your words
Do you believe I’m completely interested

Which presentation of myself
Would make you want to touch
What would make you cross the border


Could you give me a small part of yourself
I’m only asking for the tiniest part
Just enough to get me from here to there

Could you give me something
Anything at all
I’ll accept whatever it is

Could you just put your hand on my head
Could you brush against my arm
Could you just come near enough
So I could feel as though you might be able to hold me

Could you touch me with your voice
Blow your breath in my direction

Is it all right if I look straight into your face

Could I just walk behind you for a little while
Would you let me follow you at a distance

If I had anything of value I’d gladly give it to you
If there’s anything of me you want just take it

But don’t think I’m this way with everybody
I almost never come to this
In fact usually it’s the other way around

There’s lots of people
Who would love to even have a conversation with me
Who even ask me if they can walk behind me

So don’t get any ideas that I’m completely alone
Because I’m not

In fact you’re the one who looks like you could use a little company

Where do you get off thinking you have anything to give me anyway

I have everything I need
And what I don’t have I know where to get it
Any time I want

In the middle of the night
In the middle of the afternoon
Five o’clock in the morning

In fact I’m wasting my time right now
Just talking to youHums
A capella, melody line only
no words

“I’m in the mood for love”


I’m haunted by your scent
When I’m talking to someone else

I’m haunted by your eyes
In the middle of brushing my teeth

I’m haunted by your hair
By your skin
When you’re not around

Are you visiting me

Am I dreaming you up


Who makes me believe that we’re lovers
Who lets me pretend
Who reminds me of myself
Who controls me
My accomplice
Who tells me to lie
Who is acting as though we’re still in the first moment
Who makes me believe that we’re lovers
Forever in love


Now we’re acting the partners in love
Now we’re acting the estrangement
Now we’re acting the reconciliation
Now we’re acting that the reconciliation was a success
Now we’re acting that our love has been deepened by the crises
Now we’re acting that we’re both in endless harmony
Now we’re acting that one of us has been injured
But we’re not saying which one
Now one of us is acting the pain of premonition
Now we are acting the leaving
Now I see you in anguish
Now I watch you leaving
Now I feel nothingSings:

“The thrill is gone
The thrill is gone
I can see it in your eyes
I can hear it in your sighs
Feel your touch and realize
The thrill is gone”


You who are not here
You who are missing in my body
Holes in my body
Places like holes
Like bullets made
Patches of agony
From my feet
To my hands

You who are gone
Missing from the place you lived in me
Instead of blood
Hallow veins
The groin is locked
The missing part of me
That disappeared

The Hunt

I’ve lost 15 pounds for you
I’ve dyed my hair brown for you
I’ve designed a special smile for you
But I haven’t met you yet

I’ve bought a flashy shirt for you
I’ve plucked my eyebrows out for you
I’ve covered myself in Musk Oil for you
I’m still hunting around for you

I’ve changed my walk for you
I’ve even changed my talk for you
I’ve changed my entire point of view for you
I hope we’ll find each other soon


It was in a moment we were together
The murder took place
Without any weapon
It took place
Between two moments
In no time

It was in a moment
Between two thoughts
When the murder took place
Without any weapons

I wasn’t sure which one of us was killed

Watching the Sleeping Lover

I wake up
Only a little ways
Out of sleep

You look like my child
Helpless sleeper
Frightened of your dreams
Separation of sleep

I breathe with you
Breathe the same way
See how it is to be you

I feel like a detective
Your sleeping body

I’m not very far from sleep
Your dream changes
Your lips move

Talking to it
In words I’ve never heard

Then comes a longing
That I don’t understand
Because it feels like it’s towards you
But here you are
So I don’t understand
What this longing’s for

I embrace you in sleep
My arm moves with your breathing
Your breath makes my arm rise and fall

For one moment I think of the killing

I’m confused by the yearning
I want to have your dreams inside me
I want to strangle your dreams
Inside me

As the light comes through
And the night is turning into day
I want to know I’ll die before you
I want to know I’ll die before
We aren’t lovers anymore


Now that I’m with you I’m saved
From all grief

Now that I’m with you I’m saved
From being in parts

Now that I’m with you I’m saved
From hoping for anything else

Now that I’m with you I’m saved
From all other wanting

Babble (2)

I want
The thing of it is
Some kind of


Even though you see it’s a hoax
We continue as though it isn’t

Even though we’re duped
We agree to continue


Sometimes I would want to reach
My arm would start
Something in my arm would start

Sometimes I would almost reach
Something near my neck would move
And then come back

I wanted something on my face to show
Some sign
Unlock my face
Instead I lock my arms

The head would nod
While you spoke
I wasn’t sure about the head
Wasn’t sure what it was saying
While I listened
Wasn’t sure what you saw it saying
Agreeing or denying

I wanted my mouth to move
To carry something across
Some sign
One eye was going with it

Is this the face that shows me

It was a moment I wanted to be strong
Through the chest
It fell
You saw it falling
I went on as though you didn’t
I brought it back

I was wanting to be clear through the hands
While the voice kept talking
I held my face together
My mouth on my hand
Then it dropped
My hands held each other

All the time you saw me

My whole body began to shudder
Everything began to shudder
Nothing would hold still

You tried to show me you didn’t see me shaking

You took my hand away from me
And everything stopped
From my fingers I returned
repeats(Light fades to black)


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Gabriel Rojo

Gabriel Rojo holds a degree in English from the UTN-INSPT, where he currently teaches 20th Century Culture, Language and Didactics. Gabriel is also a recording artist. His musical project, "The Tape Recorders," employs vocal samples from beloved poets and thinkers.


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