J. Edgar Hoover by Ai (excerpt)

I’m the man behind the man

behind the man

and I have got my hands

in everybody’s pockets.

I know who’s been sticking his plug

in Marylin Monroe’s socket.

I have files on everyone who counts,

yet they would amount to nothing,

if I did not have the will to use them.

They call me a cruel sonofabitch

just to aggravate me,

but my strength is truth.

I have the proof

of every kind of infidelity

and that makes me the one free man

in a country of prisoners

off lust, greed, hatred, need

greater than the fear of reprisal,

all the recognized sins

and all those unrecognizable,

except to me and God. Maybe God.

Sometimes my whole body aches

and I lie down on the floor,

just staring at the ceiling,

until I am feeling in control again,

my old confidence surging back

through me like electricity

and I get up, Frankenstein,

revived by the weakness of others

and as unstoppable as a handful of pills

that could kill you on a night like this,

like the night when Marylin kissed it all goodbye.

They all wanted me

to take the A train to anonymity,

those who would seduce their own mothers,

after an audience with the Pope.

The Holy Joke I call him.

I’d like to get a tape, or two,

of that crew in Rome.

A two-way mirror

somewhere in the Vatican, the camera rolling,

while some Cardinal is jerking off

over a silver bowl.

But I digress.

Now Lyndon Johnson and a negress,

that is delicious,

something best served on a platter.

Save until after the elections

when it really matters.

I’m so scattered lately.

I feel like shattering all my Waterford crystal.

Ask me anything you want, but don’t touch me.

I keep my pistol loaded.

Don’t say I told you. Do.

I want the lowdown sonsofbitches

who betray me to know

I’m on to them like a fly on shit.

I will not rest,

Until spit in their mouths

and piss on their faces. The fools.

J. Edgar Hoover runs this country.

J. Edgar Hoover rules.

Publicado por

Gabriel Rojo

Gabriel Rojo holds a degree in English from the UTN-INSPT, where he currently teaches 20th Century Culture, Language and Didactics. Gabriel is also a recording artist. His musical project, "The Tape Recorders," employs vocal samples from beloved poets and thinkers.


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